Gardening Projects | Apartments near Jupiter FL

There is nothing more calming than having a piece of nature indoors at our apartments near Jupiter, FL. Here are a few indoor gardening projects that will make your apartment in Atlántico at Alton exude natural beauty!

#1 Garden in a Jar

Many different decorating trends include mason jars. They give a rustic and homey vibe that’s hard to duplicate. Grow a mini “garden” in a mason jar to add some visual interest on a table, bookshelf, etc. You will need a glass jar with a screw on lid and a small plant like a succulent. Take the jar top and lay it down on a flat surface. Take the small plant and the soil it was packaged with and place it in the middle of the jar. To fill out your terrarium, add some moss around your plant. Screw the jar onto the lid to encase your plant.

#2 DIY Seed Tape

Work on prepping your garden before spring by making some seed tape. You will need newspaper, scissors, a marker, assorted seeds, flour, water, a jar, and rubber bands. Cut strips of newspaper that are 2 inches wide. The instructions on the back of the package of seeds will determine how far you need to space the seeds. On the strip of newspaper, mark off where you need to place the seeds with a pencil. In a small container, stir a mixture of flour and water. I tablespoon to a couple of teaspoons of water should cover about 12 seeds. Drop the seeds onto the flour paste you’ve placed on the newspaper strips and let it dry. Store the seed tape by rolling it up and using a small rubber band to hold it together.

#3 DIY Self-Watering Planters

For this project, you will need a clear jar to act as a water reservoir, an empty wine bottle, soil, string, and a plant. Fill the clear jar halfway with water. Use a glass cutter to cut the wine bottle at least 4 inches below its neck. Take the detached part of the wine glass with the neck and let it rest inside the glass jar neck first. Thread the string through the neck and jar so that it can reach the water. Pack the top wine glass with soil containing the plant. The string will act as an artificial root and bring water up to the soil.

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